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For too many people a job Interview is a role of the dice.  

Luck, however has nothing to do with it.  Preparation is key.

The team at the Professional CV Writer have prepared 1,000s of people for interview. In a one-to-one session we will take you through the practicalities: researching the company, the role and the interviewers, describe the different methodologies and interview questions now used at interview, cover off concerns about Psychometrics and their uses. They will also address nitty-gritty issues; what to wear, how to deal with panel interviews, what questions you should ask to make an impact. We will also help you with your mental preparation, building your confidence, giving you interview tips and demystifying the process. This is a session you will enjoy, and it can be conducted as a general discussion or we can prepare you for a specific interview that is coming up.

Go into your interviews full of confidence that you can get that job.

Live Interview Preparation includes:

✔  60 minutes Interview Preparation with an experienced Headhunter

✔  Coaching is Tailor Made to your requirements

✔  How to Research your prospective employer

✔  Breaking down the role to anticipate questions

✔  Interview Technique

✔  Different types of interviews such as Competency Based

✔  Presenting yourself well

✔  Dealing with hiccups in your career

✔  How to ask Questions that reinforce a good impression

✔  Following the session we will also send you the Professional CV Writer Guide to Interview Preparation

✔  It also includes regular emails from the Professional CV Writer offering ongoing Job Search and Career Progression advice

✔✔ £49 if purchased with a Professional CV Package. Choose the CV Package of your choice and add in the drop down menu to receive the special price.


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