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A Covering Letter can determine the success or failure of your Job Application.

Covering Letters/emails are important accompaniments to your CV. An effective covering letter will add strength to your Application and can make all of the difference. It is where you state the case to your potential employer that it is crucial to the future of their business that they meet with you. It reinforces the Winning Points that you are making in your CV.

We offer 2 types of Covering Letter:


The Professional CV Writer can create a generic Covering Letter that you can use time and time again, for example to attach to your CV when distributing it to key Recruiters of Headhunters in your sector.


When making a job application, send the Professional CV Writer the advertisement or Job Description and we will write a tailor-made covering letter carefully designed to tick all of the boxes and maximise your chance of getting an interview.

✔ Add a Covering Letter to the CV Package of your choice.


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