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FAQ with the Professional CV Writer, Nick Thompson

Why did you start The Professional CV Writer?

In my role as a headhunter I speak to people every day about their career goals and the experience of job hunting.  Time and again over the years I have heard the same complaints and questions:

“I apply for job after job and I never even hear anything back”

“I spoke to a Recruitment Consultant once and they said they’d call me back but they didn’t”

“I don’t think my CV is working for me but I don’t know how to improve it?

"How do I create a CV that will get me the job I want?”

"I’ve got an interview coming up  - the first for years.  I don’t want to muck it up - how should I prepare?"

"I've had a really long career and it's hard to get everything I've done onto paper”

“I hear that people get contacted for jobs on LinkedIn and Facebook, but I don’t.   Can you help me get noticed online?”

Working as a Headhunter, Candidates have regularly told me that they like the way we work with them.  They value the advice we give them about their CVs and their LinkedIn Profiles.  They compliment us on how we have prepared them for an interview.  I have also always made it a principle to leave anyone I speak to with positive suggestions as to how they might progress their job search. Funnily enough, however, in the end it was my friends rather than my work that finally led me to start The Professional CV Writer. Knowing what I did for a living, friends have often come to me for career help:  applying for jobs they saw advertised, writing CVs for them, coaching them in interview technique.  And every single one of them got the job they wanted.  One day I realised that helping people achieve their career ambitions was the part of the job of being a Headhunter which I enjoyed most, so The Professional CV Writer was born.

Why do I need a CV in 2015?

Simply, because Employers want them. In 2015 it is still the first thing that a prospective employer will ask you to send them.  Many people believe that a CV is simply a summary of the jobs they have done, the qualifications they have gained.  If your CV is like that, you are selling yourself short.  A CV is the window you provide your next boss or a Recruiter into your career successes and your aspirations for the future.  It is an absolutely critical document.  You will be amazed at the difference a CV written by an expert will make to your career opportunities.

How do people get CVs wrong?

In many ways, starting with layout, grammar and spelling.  Very often they are too long. Horrible fonts and photos will almost certainly send your CV to the bin!  More critical, however, is that in my work as a Headhunter I cannot tell you the number of times I have interviewed a great candidate, and the CV they've sent me bears no relationship whatsoever with how much they have impressed me in person.  Why are you selling yourself short, I say?  It’s such a shame.

Why should I pay you to write a CV for me?

Well the main reason would be that we write great CVs that address the issues I have outlined, and more.  We have written 1,000s of CVs and know what works and what does not.  We do this full time, and most people do not know how to write a CV that works – which I define simply as meaning a CV that will get you an interview.  At heart a CV is simply a sales tool designed to get you an interview. We know how to write a CV for you that will do just that.  Not every time – you cannot cater for who else you are up against for a job – but I guarantee that our CVs will massively improve your chances of getting to the top of the pile.

Why should I pay you to improve my presence on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is now the first place that Agency Recruiters and in-house Recruiters go when they become aware of a need to hire. It is as important as your CV – perhaps more so, because it is live, interactive and working for you 24 hours a day. If your Profile is built properly it is much more than your CV online. Most major firms will search LinkedIn before an advert is placed, or an Agency instructed.  If all you have done is to list your name, job title, education and a couple of recommendations, you are missing a trick.  We can show you how to massively increase the impact of your LinkedIn Profile; how to dramatically increase the number of times you get contacted by the kind of activity you undertake and the keywords you use.  LinkedIn is now also a key avenue into the unadvertised job market.  You need to be there in a way that works.

Why should I pay you to help me prepare for interview?

Because I have been preparing people for interview for 18 years and know what works and what doesn’t.  It’s now a cliché but it was Benjamin Franklin who said,  “By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail”.  We cover everything from preparation and research, through the basics like how to handle a panel interview, through to dealing with psychometric tests.  We really can build your confidence and readiness for the fight!  Getting a job IS a competition; we can show you how to improve your chances of winning.

Where do I begin?

A number of ways.  You can either buy a package on the site and we will contact you and take it from there.  Complete our Contact Form or email us and we’ll get in touch. Or simply ring us and have a chat.  This first Session is FREE.  Tell us what help you need and where you are at.  We will listen and then talk you through what we can do for you.  Let us see your CV.  We will never suggest you buy our CV Writing Services unless we believe we can dramatically improve its effectiveness.  If it's great, we will say so!  Once you have decided on what help you need your CV Coach will get on with your tailored programme, be it writing a new CV or conducting a mock interview. Ours is a personal and discreet service.  The same Professional CV Writer will work to get to know what makes you tick and will remain your contact throughout.  Whatever you need, they will deliver.

Call us on +44 (0)333 300 1296 or complete or email us at nick@theprofessionalcvwriter.com for your FREE Initial telephone/Skype Consultation.

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