The Professional CV Writer, the better alternative to expensive Outplacement companies


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Every business on occasion has to restructure and employees move on.  Great companies help their employees with this transition.  You can provide the services of the Professional CV Writer for your employees before or after they leave your employment.  This will smooth their transition, show them that they are valued and reflect well on you as an employer.  

This is also a highly competitive alternative to expensive Outplacement Companies.  Your employees will certainly value your decision.  

Please contact the Professional CV Writer Nick Thompson for a discreet discussion concerning the best choice of  highly price competitive outplacement support options for your valued employees.  Price reductions are available for Retained Companies or when more than one employee is to be supported.   The team at the Professional CV Wrtier are Headhunters with many years of experience in this field and are discreet, sensitive and professional.  

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