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About Nick

My name is Nick Thompson and I am the Professional CV Writer.  Welcome to my site.
The CVs I write are designed to get you the interviews you deserve.  Your CV will be a bespoke document, tailor-made to support you in your career ambitions.  The process of creating your CV is also personalised to your needs, informal and my clients tell me, good fun!  I am lead CV Writer and coach and the team of CV Writers that support me are trusted colleagues; they are all headhunters with whom I have worked for years.  I am trusting them with my clients, after all!
I started to write CVs professionally because I love to help people to achieve their career ambitions. In my work as a headhunter I approach professional people every day and discuss their career achievements and their aspirations for the future. Towards the end of these conversations I will always ask to see a copy of that person's CV.  theprofessionalcvwriter.com was born out of my frustration at the receipt too often of a mediocre CV supposedly representing someone I know to be very good at their job.  
The CVs I write really "sell" you and my clients love them.  Please see my testimonials - unlike some professional CV writing sites they are all real!
theprofessionalcvwriter.com can also help you with LinkedIn, Interview Preparation and Covering Letters or design a bespoke programme to support your job search.  
Whatever help you need to progress your career I will always be pleased to help you. 
Please give me a call on +44(0)333 300 1296 or email me personally at nick@theprofessionalcvwriter.com
Whatever you ask us to do for you my promise is that you will be delighted with the results
Nick's Biography
Nick started to work in Recruitment in 1994 and spent 16 years as an Executive Headhunter.  He founded theprofessionalcvwriter.com in 2013 and has written CVs for many leading executives and coached people at all levels, from the shop floor to the Board Room.  Nick’s style is very friendly and warm and he is passionate about helping people to achieve their professional goals and is very proud of the fact that he has helped so many people to move their career forward.

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