Does your CV do you justice?

Does your CV do you justice?

Competition in the job market is intense at every level.

Your CV must advocate for you and communicate what sets you apart from your peers.

When you read your CV do you think: “yes, there’s someone that I would hire”?

Does it fill you with the confidence that a Headhunter will be impressed enough to pick up the phone when it crosses their desk?

If you cannot say “yes” to these questions you are missing the career opportunities that should, by right, be yours.

What is a CV?  
Many people make the mistake of thinking that it is a document listing all the things they have done in their working life.  That forms part of the picture, of course. But a CV that is just “a list of things that you have done” does not cut the mustard in today’s competitive job market.  
Here is my definition of a CV:
A CV is a sales tool designed to get you an interview”.
I learned this in more than 20 years spent in recruitment, the last 16 as an Executive Headhunter.  I started writing CVs professionally more than 2 years ago out of sheer frustration at the mismatch between the great candidates I approached and the way they sometimes represented themselves in their CV.  It was as if I was dealing with 2 different people.  
I also know how to pitch a great candidate to a hiring manager.  The key is to match the requirements of the role with great examples of matching experience from the working life of the candidate.  
There is an old saying: “ the best way to prove someone’s ability to do something is to show that they have already done it”.  The CVs that my handpicked CV Writers and I write really “sell” our clients to their prospective employers.  They advocate strongly and evidence all of the great skills and achievements of their career.  We also make sure that they match the requirements of the prospective employer.  It’s simple in concept, but difficult to do in reality. 
Why is this? One of the main challenges for someone writing a DIY CV is to identify the skills and achievements that will really impress a prospective employer. That is where you really do need a third party to help you, or as a client put it to me "get your CV done professionally"! And if that third party is a Headhunter who has been advocating on behalf of candidates for more than 20 years, well then you now understand the unique proposition of 
Our service is collaborative and personal.  The person you speak to is the person who will write and deliver your CV: no outsourcing to students or overseas, no email questionnaires.  At the heart of our process is the Career Mapping Interview where an experienced Headhunter/CV Writer will get to the bottom of what makes you stand out.  The CV that is written will communicate what makes you special and set you apart from your competitors in the job market.  
It is an investment that will reap rewards for many years to come.
The Headhunter’s expertise also extends to professional LinkedIn writing and preparing people for potentiall life-changing job interviews.  I have 6,400+ personal connections on LinkedIn and have been using the platform daily since 2004. I can show you how to use LinkedIn to reach out to recruiters and to hiring managers in the companies for which you would love to work. 
Between us, the team at the have prepared 1,000s of people for interview, from the shop floor to the board room. If you want to go into an interview brimming with confidence you should get in touch.
The best way to start your journey to your new career is a FREE CV Review.  Just click on the button that you can find on every page.
Speak soon, 
Nick Thompson
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