Why pay someone to write a CV for you?

Will a GCSE in Latin help?


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Why pay someone to write a CV for you?


Curriculum Vitae is a Latin phrase, as you know.

I am old enough to have studied ‘O’ Level Latin at School, so I really do know what Curriculum Vitae means (I was awarded a B for the record).

My teacher was called Mr. Pettoello. He was really quite scary, as I recall.

My first Curriculum Vitae was handwritten. Just to reassure you - Latin was already a dead language when I studied it – and my CV was written in English, on paper. Not papyrus, or in wax or anything like that. I’m not that old.

My next CV was produced on a dot matrix printer attached to an Amstrad PCW 8256. That was something good that Lord Sugar made before he started to fire people.

Now I write CVs for other people.

Moving into the 21st Century everyone’s favourite Online Encyclopaedia explains that a “Curriculum Vitae (CV) provides an overview of a person's experience and other qualifications. In some countries, a CV is typically the first item that a potential employer encounters regarding the job seeker and is typically used to screen applicants, often followed by an interview, when seeking employment".

Nice Definition. In the States when applying for a job they use a resumé. The Curriculum Vitae is used for more specifically academic purposes. I have read a lot of CVs and resumés, and written a lot of them, too.

I have seen some CVs that are stinkers (I didn’t write any of those, of course), and seen some great CVs (I did, in fact, write some of those).

I don’t like CVs in colour, with twiddly fonts, or those with scary photos in them (that was the BEST photo you had of yourself?) I also hate CVs where the spelling is wrong (the other day I read in a CV that someone was: “exploring the creation of a “web presance” for themselves). I hate pompous CVs too.

Most of all I hate CVs which sell people short. I have read a LOT of those. A CV is a sales tool designed to get you an interview. I believe that selling is an art; there is some some science too. Definitely a bit of both, I think.

What I am sure about is that not everyone can sell. It helps if you have had some training, and it really helps if you have done it a lot and made a lot of sales. Companies have specialists who do the selling, people who are really good at it.

So here is my point: it is the same with your CV. Everyone can write a CV. But not everyone can write a CV that sells.

This was the idea that led to the creation of the professionalcvwriter.com and its predecessor, cvcoaches.com: "Why not get someone who is really good at writing CVs to create one for you?"

Mr. Pettoello would undoubdtedly say: Spero autem protinus te loqui. (I hope to hear from you soon).

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