It’s the Sizzle that Sells the Sausage

Does your CV really SELL you?


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When it comes to your CV it's the Sizzle that Sells the Sausage


Many years ago I worked for Dixons Stores Group (as it was then).  It was a fun time, the 1980's, and it's safe to say that we had a lot of laughs.  No Sunday working, the Spectrum 48k computer, calculators for £99.99 (special offer price) and three choices of video format, Betamax, VHS and Philips 2000 (the Philips system was the best).  

My Regional Sales Manager at the time was called Charles Paul, a very nice man who taught me two things that have stood me in good stead, and are critical when it comes to writing your CV.  He didn't realise it at the time and neither did I, but these are lessons worth repeating.   One in particular, is about sausages.  Seriously.

Charles was a good Sales Manager, and in addition to showing us how to best display our store, he also taught us to sell.  Now I know that selling has a bad name in some circles, but as someone once said - I think it was Jack Welch - and I paraphrase -  "if someone round here's gonna eat, someone round here's gotta sell".  Charles taught us that when we were selling say, a camera, it was not good enough just to list the shutter speed, the focusing system, the speed of the power winder (we are talking film cameras here) and all of its other features.  He taught us to put the camera in the customer's hands and to paint a picture. "The wide angle lens on this camera will take beautiful, memorable scenic shots.  "The fast shutter speed meant that you can capture your little boy playing football and scoring a goal - how proud would he be of that photo!"  And of course "you need a great camera to capture your baby's first smile".  You need to give customers, he explained, a sense of the experiences they could enjoy if only they owned and used that camera.  A real taste of what they were thinking of buying.  And being Dixons, sell them a 5 Year guarantee.

"It's the sizzle that sells the sausage Nick", he said.

Now, when I say that to people when talking to them about their CVs my colleagues groan.  But they know I'm right.  It is not a functional list of things that you have done that will engage the enthusiasm of a potential employer.  Rather it is your achievements that will set you apart from your competition.

Achievements?  Think of the things that you have done at work which make you most proud. For which you have received praise.   Dependent upon your industry these may be the targets you have beaten, the successful initiatives you have launched or the products you have designed. So, re-read your CV and ask yourself: does it sizzle?  

Does it have the sweet smell of success?

Or in this case, of sausage?  

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