What is a CV?

It’s no mystery, but it might not be what you think


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What is a CV?

I attended a Conference this week at which someone gave a presentation about CV Writing.  All in all, it was “OK”.  There was some good advice.  And the Presenter is a nice guy.  The audience he was talking to were professionals changing industry who had not had need of a CV in their career to date and so the presenter's entry level approach was more than appropriate - bang on really.  There is a but coming, however, and it is a big one.

One of the organisers came up to me and said that he noticed that I had been “twitching” during the presentation.  Not very professional, I know, but I couldn’t help myself. Why? Because the Presenter failed to impart the most important lesson to tell anyone about their CV.  

I say it every time I give someone a FREE CV Review;  I say it a lot. And it is worth repeating.

"A CV is a sales tool designed to get you an interview”.

Sales Tool: your CV is not a passive document - it must persuade, inform, excite and deliver a result.

Designed: this does not happen by accident.  Your CV must be thought through, carefully considered and crafted to deliver that result.

An interview: THIS is the desired result.

If your CV is NOT crafted to sell you and is NOT delivering interviews then it is NOT a CV.

It is something else.

A "waste of time" would be a better name for it.  

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