Nude selfies - and other ways of getting a new job

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Nude selfies and other ways of getting a new job


My attention was drawn to the case of a gentleman in Chicago who apparently texted 2 selfies of himself pictured naked to the HR Manager of a Company to which he had applied for work.

In conversation with an Officer of the Law, he claimed that the said photos were intended for another – although he did send them twice on 2 different days?  I’m not sure it stands up, officer. Luckily for him, it appears that the HR Manager has decided not to press charges.

I have resisted the temptation to illustrate this blog with my own naked selfie.

Equally, I am not highlighting this somewhat unothodox approach to encourage you to follow his lead.  I have seen other rather more successful and creative unorthodox approaches.
I like the student who wrote a comically honest CV and used it to demonstrate his creative writing skills.  It won him a job as a Copywriter in an Advertising Agency.  

My favourite bit was his description of working for Next Retail:
“Duties included:  Resisting the desire to fold my arms.  Resisting the desire to yawn.   Resisting the desire put either of my hands into either of my pockets.  Resisting the desire to scream aloud.  I learned how to separate women who’re clutching with their dear lives to the same knitwear without ruining the knitwear.   Learned how to dress wounds.  Learned what it means to be a man (thanks Wendy)”.

So, there’s bad unorthodox and then there’s good unorthodox.

I do get asked by clients if it is a good idea to approach a company direct.  The answer is yes.

Here are my top tips to approaching a company for which you would like to work:

  • Use Linkedin to find out the name and job title of the person you need to contact.
  • Wherever possible target the decision maker, not HR or the Recruitment Manager. These guys don’t like people to buck the system, but if you go direct to the hiring manager and he/she likes your CV they will instruct HR to put you in the mix.
  • If you have to contact HR or the internal recruitment professional look for job titles like Resourcing Manager or Talent Manager.  “Recruitment” is so last year for internal recruitment types.
  • Do your homework and ensure your CV will be relevant and attractive to the business (see numerous other blogs)
  • Email your CV with an intelligent covering email.  Short, punchy and smart is what you are aiming for.  Tell them what is the problem they have that you can solve.  
  • Follow up – email or better still call.

The approach works best when it is speculative, or if you have heard a whisper on the grapevine and are ahead of the game.  If a formal process has been started, especially if terms have been agreed with external recruiters, the direct approach is less successful.  I’m not saying don’t do it, however.

I am saying do it!

If you like my advice on CV writing, Linkedin and interviews, please tell your friends.  If you don’t, please keep it to yourself.

For a Free Review of your CV or some personal advice on a particular company you wish to target call me on +44(0)333 300 1296.

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