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Linkedin Premium for Job Seekers - a good Investment?


You may know that I am a. a big fan of Linkedin and b. rather less of a fan of paid for “Premium” Linkedin services.

However, in the interests of my clients and no, not in the interest of needing to find a proper job (honest!) I have invested in Job Seeker Premium just to see if it is something that I should recommend.   I have signed up for a 30 day free trial. In order to be thorough I’m also using the new Linkedin Jobs App on my fruit based mobile device. 

To quote Forbes magazine: “LinkedIn is far and away the most advantageous social networking tool available to job seekers and business professionals today.”  How could I disagree? I’ve written before, quoting Greg Savage, that LinkedIn is wooing the recruitment industry with offers and functionality designed in order to make the platform even more attractive as a place for recruiters to go. This in turn will attract the job seekers. Then at some point Linkedin will chuck all “external” recruiters off the platform and charge companies to directly access the talent they seek. The only intermediary will be Linkedin.  You can see that this is already happening; Linkedin is already a great place to find a job. Now Greg may or may not be right in his opinion of Linkedin’s endgame, but the long and short of it for those looking to progress their career is that LinkedIn is now a critical part of any job search strategy, whatever your level of seniority, wherever you live and whether or not you are looking for your next permanent role or for an interim opportunity. The platform has long had premium services for Recruiters and there are now Premium account options for job seekers, sales and talent professionals, as well as the general professional who wants to get more out of LinkedIn. 

There are three premium Job Seeker accounts at the time of writing, of escalating monthly cost.

Job Seeker Basic I am trying Job Seeker basic and first impressions are, well, underwhelming. The key thing you want Linkedin to do if you are job hunting is to identify jobs that you might be interested in and then notify you of their existence. You can get this from your free Linkedin account.  Click on “Jobs” at the top of the page and you can search by job title, company name or keywords.  In the box below you can add geography.  Click “next” and you are away.  You can save the search (see the top right hand corner). You’ll get notified as new jobs matching your criteria come in and you can make applications straight from your LinkedIn desktop. You’ll see from the screen shot that the premium accounts add functionality that, in my opinion, is nice to have but not worth the extra money.  "Who’s viewed your profile" - you get that in your free account - just check at least every other day so that when it refreshes you don’t miss out. "Featured Applicant" means that you are sent to the top of the list as seen by the hiring manager - well, if your application is good enough I’m not too fussed about that. "Salary data" - would be nice, but in fact they just show the average salary for other jobs using that job title. Underwhelming.

Linkedin Jobs App I rather like this.  Tap in the job titles and locations you are seeking and every time a job is advertised on Linkedin that fits your criteria up pops a notification.  You can save job searches, save specific jobs you like the look of and also make applications, direct from your fruity device. So, it does what the desktop job search does, but you can do your job search in transit, in the pub, or wherever it takes your fancy.

Bonus tip This Linkedin Jobs app is an aggregator - it searches Linkedin for newly advertised jobs that fit your criteria and lets you know about them, saving you the bother of scouring Linkedin every day. is a website that does this for lots of job boards, not just Linkedin. If you visit the site, look for the link to “job alerts”. Here you can set up multiple combinations of job and location e.g. Head of Massage, Birmingham, Chief Massage Officer, Birmingham, Senior Masseur Birmingham. In each case scours the job boards overnight and then sends you one email listing a list of all of the roles that fit the bill and at the frequency you choose, so daily, weekly etc.  This is a fairly blunt tool so you may get some slightly odd results, but in my experience over many years it does its job rather well.  Lots of recruiters use it to monitor what jobs are out there, myself included.

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