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How to Create and Promote your Personal Employment Brand

First things first: as John Merrick the Elephant Man might have said: "I am not a brand, I am a human being".  

I might have worked in recruitment for a long time but I do not view people as products - although many recruiters do.  But I do believe that we all have to think of our Personal Brand when it comes to the job market.  And I shall explain why.

Interestingly HR Departments/People Teams and inhouse Recruiters all know about "Employment Branding".  This is all about how they present themself to potential employees.  If you go on YouTube you will also find lots of advice for employers as to how to align their employees' brands with their employment brand.  

But your Personal Employment Brand is subtly different. Your Personal Employment Brand may be defined as: "how you present yourself to the job market".   When you come into contact with a potential employer, or a recruiter, how do they perceive you?  And is that perception the one that you wish them to have?  We know that there is always a mis-match between how you see yourself, how you believe that you are perceived and how others actually perceive you.  And how one person perceives you will differ from how any other person will do so.  (Google "Johari Window" for more on this subject!)

So, your Personal Employment Brand is crucial in any job search. The good news is that Your Personal Employment Brand is not as hard to understand (thankfully!) as the intricacies of how we interact on a personal level.  It can be created and controlled far more easily and this is how to do it. 

Managing your Personal Employment Brand can be broken down into 7 key elements.

1. Conduct a personal audit:  How do you wish to be perceived?  Think about it.  If your current job has many elements, say, for example, that you look after IT and HR in your business.  How do you wish that to present itself in your Personal Branding from the point of view of a potential hirer?  Do you want your next role to be in IT alone?  If so, make sure your branding reflects that.  Another example would be that of someone who is frustrated at work because they are ready to take the next step up the ladder but lack the opportunity in their current workplace.  If that is the case then your Personal Branding should reflect that ambition.

2. Create your Personal Brand:  Write down:  who you are in your work; where you want to go in your work; how you wish to be perceived in your work.  This is how you create your Personal Employment Brand.  If you can encapsulate these ideas in a short paragraph this will help.  But if you wish to write 'War and Peace' it's up to you.  The act of writing these things down will focus your mind and enable you you to project a consistent message.  By the way, I am talking work here.  Not Love or Life or anything really important!

3. Your CV:  Make sure that your CV presents you in a way that is in harmony with the Personal Branding identity that you have created.  Its content needs to be true.  Consider getting it written professionally, or read my BLOG; in particular the entries on the subject of the Golden Rules and the 10 Deadly Sins.

4. Your Linkedin Profile:  This must follow the same principles as your CV.   In Personal Branding terms it can be considered as even more important.  Your CV will always be seen by a discreet audience.  Your Linkedin Profile is seen by the world.  It is live, 24/7 and it is the means by which many recruiters will come to you.  So, it must sell you and reflect the Personal Brand that you have created

5. Your dealings with Recruiters:  Speak to the recruiters who operate in the field into which you wish to be recruited.  Tell them what you want.  When they look at your CV and your Linkedin profile this should be in harmony with what you have told them.  Be very professional in your dealings with them.  Keep appointments.  Keep them informed as to your plans and developments along the way.

6. Your current Job:  Key to your next job is your performance in your current job.  Continue to deliver and achieve.  Success is actually the most important element of anyone's Personal Brand in that everything else is marketing; your work is reality.

7. Finally: the key to the nurture of your Personal Employment Brand is consistency.  If you were a product this is the point at which a marketer would be talking about "brand integrity".  Do your words (your CV, your Linkedin Profile, what you say at Interview) and actions (your job performance) reflect the brand you are presenting to the job marketplace?

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