How to Conduct a Personal Career Audit

Should I stay or should I go?


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How to conduct a Personal Career Audit

There are times in our lives when we arrive at a fork in the road (yes, sorry about the visual pun, but I liked it). A time when we take stock of our health, our relationships, our alcohol consumption and yes, our work.

Well, whatever the circumstances you are experiencing as you read this, here's a nice little model to use when you are looking at whether or not it's time to move on from your current job.

Get a piece of paper and make some notes under these 5 headings:

1. MONEY: Happy with what you are earning? Easy one to answer this.  Yes, or no.  Most people write the latter.  It's called the 'human condition'.

2. COMPANY:  Is your current employer secure, financially robust, does it have market presence?  Does it have a clear vision for the future?  What does it stand for?  Is it aligned to your way of thinking? To your values?  Does it have a take your pet to work policy?  (We do).

3. LEADERSHIP: How do you rate your boss?  Do you like them?  Do they inspire you?  Do they teach you anything?  Will they help you become better at what you do?  Do they encourage you?  Will they help you reach the next level in your career?  Are they psychologically damaged?

4. CAREER:  Does working for your current Company add value to your career?  Does it provide the experience you need to grow?  Does it make you more or less attractive to future employers?  Are you working for a BMW Covertible kind of company, or a Kia Sportage?

5. ENVIRONMENT:  Do you enjoy your work?  Do you spring out of bed like a gazelle to get to work in the morning?  What is the commuting distance?  Are the Company values and vision in line with your own?  What is the feel of the place? Write down your answers and then consider.  You may be in exactly the right place at the right time.  But the fact that you are reading this means that for whatever reason you may not be. Whatever your answer at some point you will want to move on.  

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