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The CV Wot I Wrote

When it comes to a BLOG on the subject of Grammar and Spelling I realise that I am taking my life in my hands.  

I would hate to make the same sort of mistake as that great playwright Ernie Wise.
However, when it comes to your CV, the quality of your grammar and spelling is not a laughing matter.

I was talking to the Director of a large manufacturing company the other day and he told me that at the moment he comes across bad grammar or spelling mistakes in a CV it is immediately consigned to the bin.

“If they can’t be bothered to check their spelling, I can’t be bothered to interview them”, he said.
Harsh? No, not really, he has a point.

So my message is simple: check your spelling and grammar before your CV leaves your PC.

Here are the 3 things you must do:

1. After you have finished your CV leave it for a day and then re-read it.  You will be amazed at the mistakes you pick up and the stylistic improvements that can be made.  It’s all down to having a fresh pair of eyes.

2. Use the Spellchecker! No excuses, do it!


3.  Get someone you trust to check your CV for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes as well.  This is critical as they will pick up mistakes that the spellchecker may not.

The classics here are “their” versus “there”, “its” versus “it’s”, “affect” versus “effect” and the use of “which” or “that”.

In summary, when it comes to writing your CV it is, as I so often read on Facebook, the difference between “knowing your s**t and knowing you’re s**t”.

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P.S. I hope you spotted the deliberate grammatical error?

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