How to Write a CV - Golden Rule #2

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CV Tips - How to Write a CV - Golden Rule # 2


I discovered the 2nd most important tip for writing a CV that gets interviews many years ago: Golden Rule Number 2, as I like to call it.  

I was in a Graduate job that I loved but I was about to hit 30 and I knew it was time to move on, or I never would.  I was an Area Manager for a major retailer and I saw an advert in the Sunday Times for a General Manager’s role, not too far from home.  The industry wasn’t stated but the advert was clear in what it wanted: an experienced retailer from a fast moving environment, used to managing large teams and a turnover in excess of £50 million.  A collaborative management style, target driven, with a passion for growing businesses and a dedication to the delivery of first class customer service.  The advertised salary was a big jump – more than double – and the person they were looking for - well, that’s me, I thought.

However there was a problem: my CV didn’t agree.  It was a vanilla sort of document, a bland list of things that I’d done, with the customary hobbies and interests tacked on.  It just wouldn’t cut it.  If I was going to make such a big jump in my career and my lifestyle as a result - if I was going to get an interview - my CV had got to give this company evidence that I’d got the skills, experience and attributes they were looking for.  So I rewrote it.  I didn’t lie – Golden Rule Number 3 by the way – but I ticked off the list of their requirements, prominently showcasing the relevant experience and achievements.  I also ensured that the personal statement at the head of my CV also ticked all of those boxes.

Did it work? – check my profile on Linkedin  and you’ll see where I went. So, when you are applying for a job make sure that the CV you send ticks the boxes.  Analyse the Job advert, the Job Description, or if you are making a direct approach research the company – and make a list of the things they are looking for.  Providing you actually do meet those requirements write a CV that prominently illustrates how you fit the bill.

This is Golden Rule Number 2 – Make sure your CV ticks all the boxes; match your CV to the opportunity.

It works.  

I have been called for interview for every job to which I have applied.  And I have done the same for many, many other people. Look out for my BLOG on the Golden Rule Number 1 of CV Writing.

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