How to Write a CV - Golden Rule #1

If you remember nothing else, remember this!


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CV Tips - How to Write a CV - Golden Rule #1

Now don’t panic. What I am about to say isn’t as frightening as you might think.

I have to say this because when I reveal the Golden Rule (Number 1) of writing a CV I have observed fear and despair in equal measures. “Do you realise how many evenings I have spent slaving over a hot laptop just getting my CV together, and now you say that?”.  Or words to that effect. “It’s OK”, I say, “it really is – take a deep breath”.

But this is THE Golden Rule for CV’s; there is no escaping it or avoiding it. This is THE single most important thing that you must follow when applying for jobs and sending out your CV. If you are only to remember…. OK….. you get the gist. Here it is.

Hold your breath.

Golden Rule Number 1. The most “tippy” of CV tips. “Never use the same CV twice”.

That’s it. Are you OK? Let me explain. Oh, and sorry about the grammar.

I have explained elsewhere that you must tick all the boxes when writing a CV.  I won’t repeat it – take a look here Golden Rule #2.  So if that is the case how can you use the same CV when applying to 2 different jobs? You can’t, is the answer. If you have followed my advice and designed your CV to press all of the buttons the advertiser/hiring manager has set our in the advert/job description it is impossible for the same CV to tick all of the boxes for every job you apply for. You HAVE to tweak it accordingly. But no need to panic. In most cases all you need to do is to amend your Personal Statement, and alter the order in your list of achievements or Responsibilities to reflect the requirements of the role. Rarely will you have to do a major re-write. If you do need to undertake large–scale re-engineering then do it! Do you want the job or not? However, in most cases this will not be necessary. If you have a first class professional CV to begin with all you need to do is tweak it. You will need to change your Covering Letter or Covering email, but that’s a subject for a different BLOG.

So remember this advice and apply the Golden Rule (Number 1) of CV Writing.

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