Serial Killer or Glamour model?

What does your CV photo say about you?


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Are you a CV Serial Killer or Glamour Model?

This time round I just want to say 3 words on the subject of photographs on CVs.  

I often get asked the question: "is it a good idea to put a photo on my CV?" And the three word answer is: No. Don’t. Please.

A bit more explanation? OK.  I admit that it might seem strange to advise against a photo on your CV.  It is 2015 after all and in this day and age forget the photo, why not embed a video?  Or something else really clever.  You could, couldn’t you? Yes! But just because you could, however, does not mean that you should. I base my advice on the evidence, you see. It might just be me, of course, but the only people that have sent me CVs featuring their photo have been either glamour models or serial killers.  Nothing else: it’s been one or the other. Admittedly, that’s not what their CV says they do for a living, it’s ususally “Accountant” or “Programmer” or something else perfectly benign.  But this is obviously a cover for their true vocation. Based on the photo anyway.  Proper scary, I’m telling you.

So my advice? Unless your Uncle is David Bailey I really think it unwise to attach a photograph to your CV.  Horrible photos are out.

The other reason to pass on the photo is that people will make assumptions about you based upon your photograph.  I know that they shouldn’t, but I know that they do.  And why add something else for those pesky hiring managers and recuiters to misinterpret?  We all know about stereotyping and then overlay that with each individual’s unique prejudices: “he looks stupid”, "she looks unreliable”.  Just don’t bother. If someone is insisiting on a photograph, get the best photograph taken of yourself that you can and attach that.  But if the agency or company are not insisting take it from me, don’t do it.

Now, if you are a Candidate of mine and have sent me a CV with a photo on it please rest assured that I do not think you are Hannibal Lecter or a Page 3 Girl.  I was using exaggeration to make a point.  I was kidding.  Please don’t be upset with me, you know what I’m like.

Just don’t expect me to meet you in a dark alley any time soon.

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