Why is Linkedin crucial to your career?

Here’s 5 reasons for a start...


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5 Reasons Why Linkedin is Crucial to your Career


To quote Forbes magazine: “LinkedIn is far and away the most advantageous social networking tool available to job seekers and business professionals today.”

Linkedin was born in the living room of Reid Hoffman in 2002 and launched in May 2003. It had 4,400 members by June of that year.  By June 2014 it was used in 200 countries and had 332 million members.  In March 2014 it had 15 million members in the UK alone.

I have using LinkedIn for many years and have seen it grow from a platform largely inhabited by IT industry early adopters to the essential tool for all job seekers that it is today.  Recently I read a very interesting blog by Greg Savage, a highly respected recruiter trainer, who wrote very convincingly of his belief that Linkedin's business plan is to take the recruitment industry out of the market by connecting job seekers directly with Inhouse recruiters.  

In order to achieve this long term goal Greg believes that LinkedIn is wooing the recruitment industry with offers and functionality designed order to make the platform even more attractive as a place for recruiters to go.  This in turn will attract the job seekers.  Then at some point Linkedin will chuck all "external" recruiters off the platform and charge comapnies to access the talent.  Now Greg may or may not be right in his opinion, but the long and short of it for those looking to progress their career is that LinkedIn is now a critical part of any job search strategy, whatever your level of seniority, wherever you live and whether or not you are looking for your next permanent role or for an interim opportunity.

Linkedin is important to you as a Career-building tool for 5 reasons:

It is the most effective and cheapest way of building your personal employment brand online. I will talk about this more in another BLOG.

It makes you visible to both External and In-house Recruiters Greg may or may not be right in his reading of the runes regarding the future of recruitment, but there is no doubt that ALL recruiters are using Linkedin.  A client for whom I wrote a CV and a Linkedin Profile called me today to tell me about the approach he has received to meet the Managing Director of a major company in his sector.  "How did they find out about you?" I asked.  "It was my Linkedin Profile", was the reply.  "The recruiter said my Profile was extremely good", he also added (I had to put that in!).  For many agency or "external" recruiters it is their first port of call whenever they take a brief from a client.  Some companies do all of their recruitment via Linkedin.

It gives you access to the unadvertised job market. Companies do not want to spend money on the recruitment process if they can help it, be that the cost of hiring a recruitment company or shelling out on an advert.  Many people get hired because inhouse recruiters trawled Linkedin first, and found the person they were looking for.  This is the unadvertised job market and it is huge.  Your Linkedin Profile is your access point to this vast pool of opportunities.

It enables you to build a personal network which will in itself garner career opportunities. Tips on upcoming job opportunities from Connections, approaches from friends of friends, Membership of Groups in which you can get the inside track on changes in companies in which you are interested.  It's all on Linkedin.

It is Live, interactive and working for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It's like having your own promotional website, and it's free.   In short, you need to be there and you need your presence there to be right! I shall be writing about Linkedin in my next couple of BLOGs, so get subscribed and don't miss my pearls of wisdom.  

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If you would like some help to develop the full potential of your Linkedin Profile I can help you.  Call me on +44(0)333 300 1296.

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